phpDealer PHP Automotive Web Site Script

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phpDealer is perfect for web developers, web designers, car dealers even brokers that need unlimited web site listings with unlimited photos. Built in web site contact forms using PHP to send you email enables you to generate more car web site leads with less web site advertising. phpDealer also features a built in content management system with a WYSIWYG editor to allow anyone with little or no internet knowledge to have a full web site in minutes! If you need a web site to sell cars, generate revenue, capture web site leads plus maximize web site exposure, you need phpDealer. phpDealer is the greatest php web software for dealers to date.

phpDealer is written in PHP, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS using MySQL for data storage. phpDealer also features a template engine powered by Smarty, the PHP template engine. phpDealer also allows you to display your web site in multiple languages to gain from even more web site traffic!

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phpDealer PHP Automotive Script (noun) :: phpDealer PHP Automotive Web Site Sript is the perfect solution for car dealers that need a great php car dealer web site without the need to learn car dealer script php or any car dealer website script HTML.